Curva Peligrosa

I had loved Lily's first book Fling! because it inspired me to do something special for my mother. And I must admit, getting to know Curva helped me to get to know a person I have been neglecting for long - Myself.

The plot revolves around the vivacious, carefree yet mysterious Mexican woman Curva. She is a midwife, a potion brewer, a mother, a friend, a lover, but above all, she is a woman who has not forgotten her individuality. She has her own identity inspite of the multiple roles she essays. In today's world, we humans are so busy in pursuit of happiness in the form of success, money, career etc., that we have almost forgotten that happiness is within us. In order to be a part of the rat race, majority have started emulating others overlooking the 'real me' within themselves. This is what I felt was the subtle theme throughout the story.

Lily never ceases to amaze me. An awesome writing style that succeeds in conveying exact emotions that every character is undergoing in the chapter. The narration is smooth without jerks. The imageries are vibrant exactly like the protagonist. I honestly hope this story gets converted into a motion picture or a serial so that more and more people around the world can get inspired.

The characters are interesting but nobody can surpass Curva. She is strong, independent, has a mind of her own and is not perfect. Her imperfections make it easier to identify her with people in real life. And this is what makes Curva stand out amongst many of the protagonists I have read about. She has an aura about her that attracts people towards her but at the same time her magic makes people think twice.

To sum up, I loved this awesomely excellent story and more importantly Curva Peligrosa herself. I read this story twice and I am sure every time I am in need of a bit of inspiration, this will be my Go-To book. If you as a reader wish to reconnect with your inner self and are in search of inspiration, I am sure Curva Peligrosa would motivate you. This quirky story is a definite must read.

P.S - Lily is one author whose writings you should never miss. Each story is different, inspirational and very real. Loved it Lily. This is my honest opinion after reading it.

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