Yes I Named My Daughter Gaylord Focker

Sometimes some books don't end up the way you expect. I picked up this book thinking there are loads of laughter in store for me. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed. 

The concept of this book is unique. This book is an unbook as the author states and has lived up to its promise of being a compilation of lists. Lists of names that are supposedly embarrassing, funny and strange. Also agreed that the author has invested a lot of time in researching and compiling. However, what may be embarrassing and funny to some, may not be so for others. Hence, this I felt, was a demerit for the book.

To quote an example, in India it is common to name children after gods. We have Krishna, Shiv, Parvati, Durga and the like. So as per an Indian, there is no harm in naming a child Jesus. It only beings out the tremendous amount of faith in God that the parents have. Maybe as a mark of thanksgiving and devotion they have named their child. Yet again, the pronunciation of names differ from country to country. Hence, translation of the same from native language into english may result in name being mispelt. 

The book is all about lists of strange-sounding names. Yet, like I said, depending on the country or place where the reader might stay, the names may not be weird in the first place. The author has strived to be humourous with his compilation. However, it may be easily misconstrued by people too.

To sum up, this book is readable because firstly the author kept his promise that this unbook is about lists. And secondly the amount of time he spent in researching is praiseworthy. No effort is a wastage. Hence, read this book as an appreciation for the author's patience and devotion to the topic. 

P.S - Thank you Joseph for a unique list. The opinions expressed are my honest views.

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