Meeting Of The Mustangs

Some stories have the inate power to make you want to read them again and again and again. This book has been a wonderful reading experience for me.

The plot revolves around a mustang who has to face challenges at every step. You have to read the story to find out what those challenges are. It is a book for every lover of horse stories. It is a story on relationships, of courage and being fearless no matter what the circumstances are.

What is the most beautiful feature about this book is the fact that it highlights the relationship between man and beast.

Cathy has a wonderful style of writing. Her descriptions instantly make the reader go into the land of visualizations. The mental imageries are one of the powerful tools she has used to capture the attention of the readers. The language is simple and can be understood by children and adults alike. Hence, this book is child-friendly.

Any reader would fall in love with the protagonist. The mustang lives a life his style. Through his journey the beauty of life, importance of relationships, hope, every emotion comes to the forefront.

To sum up, even if you are not fond of animal stories, you must read this story. It will touch a chord in your heart and make you thank god for a beautiful life. I read this book in one session and it is definitely worth reading again and again and again.

P.S - Thank you Cathy for this awesome story. I am surely going to read this book as many times as I can.

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