Sky Ghosts: The Night Before

I have read all the stories so far in the Sky Ghosts series and this short story is like bonus.

The story is short and  standalone acting as the prelude to this wonderful series. For the what how and why you need to read it. All I can say is that Pain is back in action. Those who have read even one story from the series will understand what I am talking about.

Writing style is awesome as usual. There has been no dip in the narration. Every scene feels like a movie that I am witnessing in my mind's eye. Loads of imageries are on offer for every reader. Language is lucid yet a bit stromg. There is graphic violence and black humour as well. Hence it is apt for adult but not for the young young adult readers.

The story gives a glimpse into the life of a sky ghost. The characters in this short story would entice you to read the series for sure. Need I say more?

To sum up, this prelude is a must read both for fans of sky ghosts series as well as for those yet to be initiated. If you are looking for a different story that is sans mushy romance this story is an apt choice. Excellent writing that can be read in one session for sure.

P.S - Thank you Alexandra. You rock as usual. Loved this short prelude to one of my favourite series. Love the Sky Ghosts.

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