Daygar Legacy: Templar Five

I had read the Prologue (an awesome book by itself titled Journey to Darlet!!!) and it made me read the main story. I must confess, I read them both in succession, and that too, in one sitting.

Hats off to the author for a wonderful writing  style. He has never gone over the top when it comes to usage of language. His writing  is powerful and inspite of absence of gory  descriptions, the fear factor exists. There is an aura of fear and  valour at the saame  time.

The characters are well etched out. They do have a bit of mystery added  to them, like why was Harlan behaving the way he was, why was Jacques the recent  addition to Temple Hunters. Yet, these characters and the others, make the story readable. The Pope  is yet another intriguing character.

There is more to this story and the narration is so engrossing that, by the time this part ends, you will wish to read more. I am not a lover of horror and paranormal, though I do read them, the reason being I get put off by too much of blood and gore. But this story is different. It exudes fear but at the same time makes for a compelling continuous reading because of strong descriptions.

To sum up, you will be compelled to read the story once you read the Prologue and vice versa. Also, look forward to a sequel.

P.S- Chris, loved your book.

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