Daygar Legacy: Journey To Darlet

Christopher has a very unique style of writing. In fact, his concept of having a book as a Prologue is really unique. My sincere compliments to the writer.

This story, as a Prologue, makes a promising beginning to a wonderful story. It gives a glimpse of what is in store for the readers. It also succeeds in setting the mood of the story and introduces the protagonists as well as the antagonists.

The author has taken pains to ensure that the characters he has created are appropriate to the storyline. Jacques and the other Hunters project the valour and courage that Knights are known to possess. Harlan has all it takes to be a perfect vampire.

To sum up, using a separate book as a Prologue is a wonderful introduction of a story that has been narrated extremely well.

P.S- This Prologue definitely made me read Part I of the Daygar Legacy.

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