Warlords Of Llantatis

I have never read a book earlier that deals with computer games nor am I a gamer myself. When I chose this book, I had my apprehensions because I was not sure whether I would be able to comprehend the gaming terminologies or not. To my surprise, I ended up reading this book not once but twice on different occassions.

The plot revolves around a virtual world filled with warriors who are personified by people in real life. Yes, the kinds who immerse themselves into creating kingdoms, acquire wealth etc. However, the storyline is not restricted to the virtual world alone and that is where the beauty lies.

What I simply adored about the story was the fact that Dominic subtly made a point about how people were slowly isolating themselves into a shell. I mean, if you look at today's world, the younger generation is happier to tap away on a smartphone or go gaming rather than socialising. Somehow, the virtual world provides a kind of consolation to people, as in, portraying a character that they are not or cannot in real life. And the fact that strong positive inherent human traits definitely help one shine through, no matter what the situation, is the underlying message throughout.

The author does use terms that gamers are familiar with. However, that did not hinder my reading in any way because the story narration was really smooth and the plot was engrossing. Throughout the reading my mind kept conjuring up vivid imageries, and it happened during both my reading sessions. Loved Dominic's style of writing. It is unconventional yet reaches out to the reader. It was simple and still had the power to set me thinking about it after finishing.

Characterisation was perfect, as in picture perfect? Every character was etched out to play the role that he or she was assigned. Not a single character was out of place. They had their perfections, their flaws and were as close to reality as could be. In fact, everyone of us would have come across at least one of Dominic's character in our lifetime.

To sum up, this story is a must read for every avid reader who loves to experiment with genres. I did and am not at all disappointed. In fact, this amazingly excellent book set me thinking as a parent as well. Do I want my children to be Warlords in an imaginary world if Llantatis or Warriors in real life or both? This story is food for thought for sure.

P. S - Dear Dominic its an amazing story. Thank you so much. My review is my honest opinion after reading your story.

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