The Bridge Of The Golden Wood: A Parable On How To Earn A Living

This is Karl's second book that I am reading, the first one being Muffy and Valor: A True Story. This story is completely different from the earlier one.

The story revolves around the values of hardwork, industry, initiative and confidence. In fact, this story is a great start to encourage children to learn the art of earning. By the way, if you want to know more about what exactly the story has in store, then read the book.

Karl never ceases to amaze me. The simplicity with which he puts across complex concepts is commendable. He surely has a way with words. His narration has no jerks, is lucid and evokes the right imageries throughout.

There is a protagonist and the story basically revolves around him. No major secondary character, except one, have much role to play. However, to be honest, neither the references nor the appearances of random characters seemed out of place.

To sum up, the story is a must read for every parent and teacher who wants to introduce the concepts of work, helping others and spotting opportunities. This story is perfect for introducing financial literacy to a child as young as three years old. I read it to my children and they are enamoured with the very idea of earning their own pocket money by helping around. It is an amazingly excellent story by a writer who understands children.

P.S - Karl is an amazing storyteller whose stories have a depth and substance. Loved this bridge of the golden woods. My review is my honest opinion after reading this story.

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