Tonight Only

Sometimes it is really difficult to rate and review a book that is really short. Yet, I hope to do justice to this story. I read it in one single sitting, it is that short (35 pages in total). Hence, it makes up for a quick read.

The plot is really simple. A girl just out of the Police Academy wanting to have fun before getting serious at work. The contents actually make it suitable for people over 18 years. Remove the profanities and sexual content, you have a really simple story.

Layla writes in a very conversational style. Her descriptions of scenes and places are really vivid. The best part about this story is the twist that is introduced in the end.

There are basically only two main characters out here. If the length of the book had been more, there would have been ample scope to develop them better. The story is way too short for the characters to really shape up.

To sum up, this story is really good because it ends with a cliffhanger. There is more to come as sequels. It makes for a quick read and if you are short of time then try this book out.

P.S - I chose to read this story based on the recommendations by Booklover Catlady Publicity and the views expressed are my unbiased opinions.

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