Becoming Phoebe

In the process of reading Phoebe becoming herself, I discovered myself. I read it in one session straight.

The story is about determination and self-esteem. It is a journey undertaken by an orphan whose passion for ice hockey makes her chart a path less trodden by girls. The plot revolves around Phoebe and her tryst with ice hockey. For the why, how, when and what, you need to read the story.

Sometimes, life leads us into situations where a stage comes when we feel completely let down. There are moments that draw out the negative emotions of self-pity. Yet, it is during these trying times that strength of character comes to the forefront. It is a strong heart that heals by letting go of a past that haunts and of emotions that hold back. As you read this story, the mind automatically takes you back to those dark moments in your life where many a questions have been left unanswered. 

The game of ice hockey has always been associated with men. In this story, the protagonist wants to break the glass wall by wanting to be a part of a team. By doing so, the author has subtly hinted that life is like a sport and all that one needs to do is play on no matter whatever be the sporting event. The game of hockey played on ice needs lots of concentration, focus, balance and of course, a supportive team. Michael is a master at combining both a game and life so that parallels can be drawn.

The writing is lucid. The language is simple however, there are terms associated with ice hockey that have been liberally used. Some may find this a bit difficult but reading about something new is really interesting. I am not a sports lover yet, the story appealed to me. The imageries that crop up while reading each page are amazing. They make you feel like an invisible friend that the protagonist has. I only wish someday this story gets made into a movie. 

I loved the protagonist. It is Phoebe's story. She makes you laugh, she makes you cry, but above all she re-instills the belief that every cloud has a silver lining. There are other characters as well, but they all lend support to the protagonist so that there is no shift in attention.

To sum up, I simply loved this book. It made me realise that life is worth living and there is hope for better things to come even when surrounded by darkness. It is a must-read. It will pull your heartstrings, force a lump in your throat and at the same time, it will make you shed happy tears. Absolutely awesome.

P.S - I chose to read this book because of the title. This review reflects my unbiased opinion as I re-discovered my strengths while reading it. How about you?

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