Gospel Prism

The fact that this book has kept me pondering over it since the time that it was recommended is proof enough of the power that this book has over a reader's mind.

The story cannot be described, it has to be experienced. Simply put, there are twelve different facets of emotions depicted by the protagonist. The story is like its title; you get to see a new perspective with every reading. The perceptions differ from people to people and moods and feelings. It is not easy to categorize the book, and yet, is a must-read.

Gerald has been awesome. His writing style and narration have the power to linger on in your mind long after you have kept the book aside. The imageries are brilliant and the language, especially the words, have a different connotation every time.

The protagonist has been aptly named as Christian. However, it can be a person from any religion. This does not mean that the book is a scripture, instead, the author has weaved a beautiful story with narrations that have a deeper meaning.

To sum up, this book is not an easy read but once you do finish you can't stop yourself from thinking about it.

P.S- Thank you Jennifer and Legit Lit Book Tours for giving an awesome book to read in exchange of an honest opinion.

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