Going Back

Who doesn't love a story that has drama, emotions, romance, suspense all rolled into it? Well, being a fan of Bollywood movies I surely do.

The plot is like 'Going Back' into the roots of conflicts between two feuding families. The first book had all the tidbits and this being the second in a series, takes off from where it was left. Not that I have read the first book, but the way the story progresses that is how it appears.

Jennifer's writing is easy to comprehend, and aptly brings out the emotions that is intended. Be it the bickering between a couple or sense of loss, the author weaves a simple story that has lots of twists and turns. It was like watching a movie as far as I was concerned. The language is simple and the story is a light read.

All the characters, be it the protagonists, the antagonist, the supporting casts, had a definite role to play in the story. The interactions between them, their conversations, added up to making the book a likeable one.

To sum up, the book is a light read but definitely worth reading. I loved the twist and its ending the best.

P.S- Jennifer, I would love to read the first part and the next one if any!

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