Two Wolves Dancing

This book kept me engrossed till the last page. To be frank, I am not very fond of ghost stories, simply because, a few have literally scared the daylights out of me. But this book was not frightening and was more of paranormal encounter.

The plot revolves around several themes - love, pain, loss, exploration, revenge. In fact, there are so many point of views that you end up getting different impressions regarding each scene. 

This story is about an individual's ability to cope up and react to situations beyond one's control. The basic lesson that can be derived is that we all have two wolves within us. It is up to us to feed them with goodness or sin. Also, every end definitely has a new beginning and losses can become major turning points in our lives.

It is the multiple POVs that enhance this story. Hats off Francine. It is very difficult to craft a brilliant story with so many viewpoints. And what marvellous writing. It took me two days to complete this story due to my commitments, however, I could not resist the temptation returning back to the story at every opportune moment. The narration triggers vivid imageries. It is like watching an engrossing movie on a big screen. 

There are many characters in this story and each of them have their distinct characteristics. The best part is that Francine has ensured that all of them have a role to play for the story to shape up. Not a single character is out of place or has too little or unnecessary act.

In short, if you want a paranormal story which is neither cheesy nor terrifying, you should pick up Two Wolves Dancing. It is worth reading, especially since the shifts between past and present happenings are way too smooth and succeed in keeping you hooked.

P.S - Francine, I simply loved your book. Am looking forward to more such writings.

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