Hawaiian Homecoming

First, there is a heartbreak, thereafter starts the process of Healing, and what is needed next is a homecoming. Libby's Hawaiian saga comes to an end with this book (why do I feel there is more up her sleeve!!!).

The story starts exactly from where it stopped last. The beauty of reading all three books is the continuity which has not wavered even once. This book is also mainly about Kayla and Jay. Wish I could divulge more, but then, I would be giving away the beauty of this story. However, let me assure those who start with this book, that this book also has the qualities to be read in isolation.

Those who have read the previous two books in the series will agree that Libby has a way with words. She ensures that her language and descriptions succeed in evoking imageries in the mind.

This book is all about how love will find a way.Yes, it has adult content but inspite of that, the simplicity and feelings emoted by Kayla and Jay will touch your heart. The confusions, insecurities, apprehensions that young lovers feel have been beautifully expressed.

To sum up, it is a beautiful end to a lovely series, especially for all romantics at heart. 

P.S - Libby, when are you publishing your next series?

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