Wayward Soul

I loved the first book Desert Son and really had very  high expectations as I started reading Wayward Soul. And yes, I was not at all disappointed.

Sometimes, the sequel tends to get monotonous as the writer's style is already known. However, Glenn has succeeded in shattering this myth. This book is not only better, but it successfully takes the earlier story forward. The best part is, even if one reads this book first and book one later, the impact is same.

Martin is back, and that too, with vengeance. For the whys, where, what and hows, you need to read the book because I am not going to be a spoilsport. The narration takes on from where it was left in the previous book.

Reading this book's story was like developing mixed emotions, that of horror, fear, disgust, love, all together. If this book turns into a movie, it will scare the daylights out  of people even during daytime. The imageries are so vibrant that they popped up automatically in my mind. No flowerly language, no use of gory descriptions. The story is powerful inspite of its simple language.

Martin is the perfect antagonist and this time, he has company. Brenda and Carter are charming as usual. In short, Glenn has created a distinct style for all characters in this book. Everyone has a role to play, however miniscule it appears to be.

The best part about this sequel is  the way it addresses certain issues it touched upon in the previous book.Glenn talks of adoption and the impact it has on the psyche of the adopted when he or she gets to know about it. Portrayal of the universal fact  that love can and does conquer it all. How human relations, or rather, specifically parental relations can get hampered due to unknown answers, and how closure to inner  conflicts can heal past wounds. I loved the hidden message, when the going gets tough, meet your troubles head on. Runninng away will serve no purpose. Also, attempting to know more about the unknown does have a  healing effect on an individual.

To sum up, this sequel story is more action packed, with descriptions  being gripping instead of gory. It had all its elements balanced perfectly, so much so that I couldnt stop myself from reading it in one sitting.

P.S- Its an amazing book and an awessome story. Glenn is there a third book in this series???

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