An End To The Thrill

Read the book in one sitting. Its all of 52 pages in total and has nine short stories. Hence, perfect for a quick read.

The best part is that all the stories had a different theme with no interlinks. The plots were truly well thought of. It had everything that a sci-fi anthology could have- time travel, outer space, virus, you name it and they were there.

Varun has a quirky sense of humour. His endings are sudden so as to keep up the suspense. However, a few stories had a predictable ending. Wish there were more stories!!! Notwithstanding that, the stories are worth reading. Besides, the language is simple to understand. The narrative has a good flow, except in few stories where it gave away the ending in the middle. The use of personalization in the narrative is appreciable.

Each story has distinct characters. Some have a dark side, some mean, some intelligent. In short, each character has his or her own style. Great job on that Varun. Your characters were a real treat. I hope I don't get to meet people like a few of them in real life!!!

To sum up, the stories were kept short and sweet. Again, few more stories would have helped cover up for mistakes. Had to reduce two stars because of predictable endings. In a very short anthology, predictability acts as an expensive spoiler.

P.S- I am sure the next anthology would be a winner from the beginning, without any glitches. 

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