Ivan The Terrible

The book promises to do what it aims to do. It helps introduce and bring out facets of a russian tsar, all under 60 minutes.

The book is a quick read and gives out glimpses of a man who is considered to be a psychopath in the history books on Russia.

The writing is really simple and can be easily understood. The best part of this book is the fact that all possible facets of this fascinatingly despicable Tsar of Russia has been covered. The imageries are vibrant. Though this book offers snippets only, it does kindle the desire to read up more about this tyrannt. A very well written work for sure.

The entire theme revolves around Ivan and all possible facets of his characters have been well brought out.

To sum up, if you are a history buff and would love to read about russian history then this is a must read for you. It is concise and short, however, it guarantees to inculcate a sense of curiosity in the readers for sure.

P.S- Thank you Tyler for an amazing read. This is the second one that I have read from In60Learning.com and I love it. The review is my honest opinion about the book.

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