Great Cape O' Colours

When you notice a book by one of your favourite authors you can't help but read his writings instantly. I have been reading Karl's stories not only for the sake of reviewing them but also as a mother. My children love to listen to his stories. The fact that they respond positively while hearing them is yet another bonus.

This book revolves around the concept of colours and careers. What I loved about this book is the way Karl has presented varied colours to young readers by using careers and cultures as metaphors. You must read it to appreciate what I mean.

The writing is really simple. The book is bilingual as in it presents a Spanish translation as well. Though English works for me and my kids, however, Karl's writings are a good way to teach a foreign language. The illustrations are bright, colourful, apt and definitely appeal to the eyes. Each page represents a colour and a career. It would be wonderful to see an animated version of the same for a visual effect. The pictures can initiate conversation amongst children and parents and can be a great tool for bonding tool.

The true protagonist of this book is the cape. The concept of cape remains same throughout. However, the same cape changes colours according to the career illustrated therein. This gives a silent message.

In fact this concept of a cape changing colours can be used in understanding life and adapting to situations. Just like the cape here, we too need to adapt to situations as per its requirements. This book can be used to teach an abstract concept like adaptation and adaptability. The cape here becomes a perfect metaphor.

To sum up, this book is a simple read that can be finished at one setting. It is extremely child friendly and is truly a useful piece of writing that parents and educators can use. A real must read, this book is excellently amazing and amazingly excellent.

P.S - Thank you Karl for yet another book that helps bind me and my kids. This is an honest review after reading the book.

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