Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed The Art Of War

Sometimes one single book has the power to get you thinking for a long time. I picked up this book for the sheer personal interest I have in the subject it dealt with. Be it the term Fighter Pilot or Art of War, both are topics close to my heart. So it was but natural that I put aside all other books and read this one on top priority.

The book deals with the professional and personal life of John Boyd, a man who is revered by the Military fraternity around the world. It gives a peek into the life of a military strategist whose profound thoughts were way ahead of the times and era he lived in.

Robert Coram, as a biographist, has brought out the facts as accurately as he could. In fact, this is one biography that is gripping from beginning till the end. His language is simple. The military jargons used have been explained in a manner that can be comprehended even by people from the civvy street. As a military history enthusiast, this book definitely intrigued me since the very first page. The narration is fast paced and has a smooth flow. Loved the imageries that this story helped me conjure in my mind. I sincerely wish this story gets a motion picture dedicated to it. Even then I doubt whether it can do justice to the larger than life persona that Boyd was.

Reading the book reminded me of the similarities between Boyd and Nicholas Tesla. Both were recognised for their constributions to their respective field posthumously. What makes the narrative more appealing is the realistic depiction of a Fighter Pilot who is also a military strategist. An aviator who placed service before self, who compromised his family requirements in the larger interest of his country.

Boyd belonged to an era that was not very kind to visionaries. However, in today's parlance, his briefing and OODA loop concept have immense importance. In fact, Boyd's theory has significance in every field, be it education or administration. Well that, is a topic for another day.

To sum up, this book is a must read not only for military strategy enthusiasts but also for every individual who wants to have a different perspective to life. It is an inspirational read for every person who wants to be a Boyd in a world of mediocrity and mediocre thinking. It is simply unputdownable. An excellently amazing read.

P.S - Thank you Robert for leading me on an inward journey of self discovery, for helping me search the Boyd within me. Loved every word in it. This review is my honest opinion after reading the book.

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