State Of Emergency

This is one zombie story that never gave me nightmares during the sleepless nights that followed.

Yes, the plot revolves around a girl's tryst with zombies, or rather the zombie virus, unleashed in her city. It shows how she escapes and how she deals with the ups and downs that come her way. For more input, do read the story.

The narrative is fast paced and thats the best part about this story. You wont be able to put the book down without finishing it. Mary does have a distinct writing style. She injects portions where at times a reader ends up with a "have I missed something" kind of feeling. I felt it was an apt way of keeping the reader involved at every step. There were loads of imageries. Sometimes some scenes had the ability to psych you out as well. There is violence, there are dead men and women walking, but that is exactly how a zombie story is supposed to be. The language is simple and easy to understand.

There are a set of important characters alongwith the protagonist. Though there is no particular feature of a character per se that stands out, however, all of them together make for an amazing hunt and chase story.

The state of emergency ends on a positive note thereby reiterating the feeling that all is well that ends well. This story does give loads of things to mull over. Are we really turning into zombies in the real world thanks to our addiction to technology? Is humanity waning away? Why are people turning so animalistic? Has the zombie virus released in the real world too? Few questions my brain asked me to which I am yet to find the answer.

To sum up, I wish there is a sequel to this story because I feel there could be more in store. Mary is an amazing writer and this amazingly excellent story is a must read, especially for those interested in paranormal and zombies.

P.S - Thanks a ton Mary for a zombie story that definitely gave me loads of food for thought. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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