Expressions Of An Artist: The Whole Shebang

This was one book that I read twice to get a better understanding. It is definitely not an easy book to read. But this doesn't take away the beauty of its writing per se. I must admit, this collection did give me a writer's block of sorts for the simple reason that words failed to flow whenever I sat down to write a review post.

Notwithstanding, its a collection of thoughts penned by the writer. This anthology comprises of varied topics on which Frances has expresses like an artist and as a poet. Musings have a mind of their own, especially when they flow straight from a writer's heart. Hence there are portions that are simple and easy to understand. Then there are writings that are simple but make the reader stop and think. And then, there are topics where both the writing as well as the expression force the reader to stop everything and ponder, so much so that every time they are read and re-read a deeper meaning is discovered.

The writing style is not very easy to comprehend. As the title says this collection comprises the expressions of an artist. It is a known fact that an art enthusiast discovers a different facet every time he/she appreciates a piece of art. Drawing a parallel, I felt that the second time I read it my understanding differed and I had a greater clarity of thought.

This collection of thoughts is poetry in prose. Every piece has a tinge of poetry. The language, accordingly, is like music to the ears. And like choice of music differs from person to person, similarly, comprehension of these artistically penned thoughts may vary. As I said earlier, it is not easy to understand the entire anthology all at once. The narration is a true reflection of an artist. Imageries do get evoked for writings that are simple. For the complex writings, more than one reading is required for visualisations. The writings are interwoved with smatterings of paintings, a true symbol of expresssions by an artist.

To sum up, if you wish to delve deeper into topics pertaining to life and living, be prepared to read this anthology more than once. Trust me, the collection is really good and very likeable. Do read this writer's writings.

P.S - The expressions of an artist did tug at my heart chords in spurts. Even after two readings I feel like returning to read them again. Thank you Team Publishing Push for a wonderful collection. Thank you Team Publishing Push for a wonderful collection. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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