How To Listen So People Will Talk

This is a non-fictional account of understanding the nuances of the Art of Listening. The book highlights the importance of listening skills and what are the required ingredients for effective communication with the help of excerpts from the Bible.

The writing style is really simple and lucid, the language is easy to comprehend and narration flows smoothly. Yet, personally for me, one major hitch I had was in understanding the biblical references. I am not an aethist and not a Christian, therefore, thanks to my little knowledge about the bible I did find it a bit difficult to get to the crux of the matter whenever Bible was referred to. However, it doesnot mean that Becky's efforts went in vain. In fact, throughout the book she has taken pains to ensure that her writings reach out to non-practitioners of Christianity as well. Also, though she has explained the Dos and Don'ts about the art of listening but maybe the impact would have been much more had she elaborated the reasons with more descriptive language.

One thing is for sure, no matter what her detractors might say, the writer has taken pains to ensure that her readers focus on listening rather than interrupting. The art of listening is slowly diminishing all because of the reducing attention span of people. Hence, need of the hour is being equipped with really good listening skills. And, the fact that the topic has been the central theme of this book makes the narrative even more interesting.

To sum up, do read this if you are a constant interrupter yourself, need to enhance your listening skills or want to know more about the art of listening or giving a patient hearing to others. This is a really good and very likeable non-fiction, especially for its language and its biblical references.

P.S - Thank you Shelly Abbott for an interesting piece of writing. This review is my honest opinion after reading the book.

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