The Story Of Lucius Cane

An awesome piece of writing but way too short!!! If only it had been longer, it was a sure shot unputdownable kind of book.

The plot revolves around a vampire who is not into harming humans. Its a different treatment given to typical vampire stories. 

The narrative is gripping. Vanya writing style makes one want to read more but sadly the story ends fast. The choice of words give way to beautiful imageries. The mental pictures are accompanied by sound effects. However, the length of the story is a big spoiler. 

The protagonist is a typical antihero and not the cliched vampire. The other characters, a human and a voice do add on to the suspense, but sadly, their presence makes one wish for bit more descriptions and due to the short length the story ends without elaborations.

To sum up, the story ends with a promise of a sequel. The only major drawback in this story is its length. But for it, the plot has everything it takes to make a bestseller. The book is a quick read, in fact one of the quickest read. There are questions unanswered that would keep lingering in your head once you finish reading. I am sure, the next in this series will help in finding the answers. Do read for the wonderful writing. I guarantee you won't regret it.

P.S - Vanya, I sincerely hope the next in the series is longer. looking forward to reading more about Lucius Kane.

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